Happy Valentine’s Day

Valentinegram with rosesValentine’s Day

The high school quad was in a colorful and festive mood today, and this is somewhat rare. For the first time since we taught here several clubs decided to sponsor an activity on the same day: Spirit Week, pep rally, Valentine-gram, smoothie, outdoor Italian lunch, dedicate a pie, dedicate a song, and water bucket game. It was great, everyone was in high spirits and the weather was amazing. I had fun going around taking pictures even though I was using the old 3 megapixel Cybershot because my hubby lost our 7 megapixel camera batteries. As you can see here, the old camera did well.

Later Brian went to Super markaz to buy me roses. The vendor tried to sell him 10 for 1,100 rupees (about $20), probably thinking this foreigner doesn’t know they only cost 200 rupees. As it is Valentine’s Day and there were many customers after the same thing, Brian didn’t mind finally getting the price down to 300 rupees ($5).


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