Where’s the US and UK in Kaspersky’s Order Form?

Hey Kaspersky - Where's US and UK

I hope posting this little problem of mine online will help. The little Kaspersky pop up box is really getting on my nerves. About a month ago I downloaded and installed a trial version of their Internet Security 7.0 on my new HP Pavilion laptop — w hich, by the way, came with a pre-installed Norton Anti-Virus. But I’ve always liked Kaspersky since our network administrator in Thailand installed it in all our school computers. And our tech guy here in Islamabad recommended it, too, because it’s compatible with Windows Vista and includes a firewall and protection from spyware and spams, not just viruses.

So a few days before the expiration date came I clicked on the pop up box’s “click here to purchase” link. I started filling out the online form then hit the wall when I couldn’t find the United States, US, USA, or America in the list of countries (or UK for that matter). The strange thing is American Samoa is there, and also Virgin Islands US. So I sent a message to two e-mail addresses in their website, and still haven’t heard from either. Meanwhile the pop-up boxes are driving me crazy. I should have stuck with Norton, it still works fine with our Windows XP desktop.

The Kaspersky website is http://www.kaspersky.com/aftertrial and the order form comes after you make your selection and click “Buy Now.” The screenshot was captured and enhanced using SnagIt, a great tool for computer teachers.

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