Saying goodbye to Fotopages

I had a photo blog in Fotopages since 2004, when we lived in Thailand. This blog was so easy to update because we traveled a lot to so many different places even during three-day weekends and for week-long holidays. That was just one of the nice things about being an international school teacher in Bangkok: all the means and opportunities to travel around Thailand and Southeast Asia because of the school holidays, cheap fares and tickets, variety of travel destinations, and tour packages available.

But I’ve used it less and less when Flickr came along, and my Fotopages pals have also stopped updating their accounts. Now I’m just using it to post pictures of our baby, and it’s password-protected but family and friends don’t have to open an account to visit it, unlike Flickr.

So what I’m going to do is start copying and pasting some of our travel posts here. It will take some time because there is no easy way to import/export, except copy and paste. And I will posts these according to the same dates when they appeared on Fotopages, so you may have to go to the Archives to view anything before 2008.

Meanwhile, check out my new photoblog here:


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