Free international seats from AirAsia

AirAsia was always the first airline we checked when we planned our trips while we lived in Thailand. This budget airline is simply hard to beat. Given that you plan well ahead of time, their tickets are cheap, service is fuss free (minimal but effective), and the schedule is not bad either.

Today it just got better – we received an e-mail notice (didn’t even know we signed up for anything, but this proves they don’t spam you unless they’re offering great deals) announcing their “free international seats” promo for the following destinations in Southeast Asia plus Australia and China:

.Free International Tickets

Okay, for those asking “what’s the catch?” you must book from May 14-16 and travel from Jan. 12-Apr. 30, 2009. And these free flights must fly from/to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. They also give the following tips or advice:

  • Go to their website between 3:00-7:00 am (I assume this is Malaysia or Thailand time), but avoid weekends and holidays
  • Choose midweek or mid day flights
  • Try other destinations; for as low as US$19 you can go for their “Ultimate Low Deals” and get 3D2N hotel and return (roundtrip) tickets to international destinations.

Good luck!


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