The Weather in My Yahoo

The bad news is it’s going to be 106 degrees F on Wednesday. It was my husband who noticed it first. I usually have My Yahoo as one of my default homepage. This way I only need to glance if there’s new mail and preview the first few lines. I also have the 3-day weather forecast for Islamabad, Lagos, Chelan, Cebu, and Bangkok on it. Brian noted that it was accurate when it predicted rain and thunderstorm, a couple of weeks ago. He didn’t believe me at that time, because it was so hot and clear. But we did get the storm later in the evening. So it’s almost comforting to know that Lagos’ temperature has been constantly lower and even more closely similar to Bangkok and Cebu. Of course it’s probably as humid, too. This is why we packed most of our winter clothes to go to Chelan, Washington.


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