Two Useful Travel Tips

I am grateful to two well-traveled teachers who gave me the most useful advice for our impending move to Nigeria.

Marsha told me all about vacuum bags, and we found out yesterday that the large and jumbo sizes re perfect for carpets. We like it that they take up less space, and are protected from dusts, bugs, and dirt. The bags are also waterproof and reusable.

We’re only traveling with a suitcase of clothes for each member of the family (of three), but have teaching resources, home decorations, and baby products in 4-5 storage bins. Our friend Joy told us to drill a couple of holes and secure the lids with zip ties. As an added measure she tapes a couple of extra ties with a note to airport security to use these if they open to inspect the box. This method for securing baggage is better than duct tape, which is hard to remove and gets yucky.


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