Nike Davies Okundaye

It’s been a while since I quit my PR job that I met someone famous and important, and when I finally did I got a warm hug as well!


Nike Davies Okundaye, one of Western Africa’s foremost batik artist and Nigeria’s pride, was the guest of honor during the American Women’s Club membership tea last Tuesday. She is well known for reviving the dying art of traditional cloth weaving and dying, and has established several training centers as well as traveled to the US and Europe to promote batik and adire, the traditional Yoruban hand-painted cloth that she’s wearing in the above photo. While her products are not cheap, the money she makes often always go into her art centers, training workshop, and philanthropic projects. Someday I will be able to add a genuine indigo-colored adire from her gallery to my fabric collection. And someday we might be able to visit her hometown as guests of her tour program.

Nike Center for Art & Culture

View her paintings & art for sale


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