Our Toddler is Going Back to Playschool

I’m excited and a bit apprehensive that James is going back to his playschool this Monday. Last year we enrolled him during our first week in Lagos, and although he enjoyed it he kept getting sick. While some people say it is normal, even expected for young children to get sick all the time during their first year in school we decided to pull him out after two months. He was overstimulated, had more nightmares than usual, and coughing in his sleep — which made him throw up, about twice a day. For us, who were also adjusting to our new jobs, the stress was unnecessary, he was only 20 months old then.

We wondered if maybe he’d be better off in another playgroup or pre-school. There was one ran by American moms, but they cost almost double and require a non-refundable application fee to be on the waiting list. Reading their requirements, e.g. toilet-train, able to sit still, etc. made me wonder if my little rascal will be accepted at all, or if he does will eventually get expelled. Lastly, this playgroup is located in Ikeja, and there’s no reason for a two-year old to be commuting to school everyday (at least 30 minutes each way due to the traffic across the bridge). Other pre-schools were recommended, but we eventually decided to go back to his old one because it’s only 5 minutes away.

Best of all, three of his playmates are in that school. The school has the big toys that James loves, but we can’t afford to buy or bring to Lagos. The kids are taught nursery rhymes and songs that we hope will help expand his vocabulary.

Here’s keeping my fingers crossed that he won’t get more than the sniffles.

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