Zotom the Hawk

Our school mascot is the eagle, but lately hawks have become more popular among the students. One in particular (or maybe we just think it’s the same one) has been visiting the campus every day, encouraged and emboldened by students who threw food up to him. Now Zotom (“the one who bites”) has become a menace. He snatched a muffin from a young child, and a banana from a grown-up. He also tried to fly off with the superintendent’s golden retriever, but luckily Libby is much bigger.

Zotom likes to perch right above the food court, and the sight of him flying sends kids screaming and ducking for cover during recess and lunch break. I think he’s beautiful, but I also hope he’ll go somewhere else. Can you imagine if he tries to snatch something from James’ hand or James himself?


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