Fun at GET

We don’t get out much at night, but it was hard to resist an invitation to check out the newlt opened recreation center/club/restaurant of a colleague’s husband and his business partners. Besides, it was only 30 minutes away traffic included, across the Oriental Hotel.

As we pulled in the parking lot we ran into some high school students, all of whom were enthusiastic about the place. We soon found out as we approached the entrance: a go-kart track! The facilities inside were even better — a game arcade and even a few rides and toys for toddlers.GET is definitely the place for the young and young at heart.

The place has only had a soft opening, and only those who wish to rent it for parties have been able to make use of the arcade attractions. But the club and restaurant was open and we enjoyed the warm hospitality of our host over ribs, which the Chilean chef recommended. Best of all was the dessert, compliments from the management and not even on the menu yet: ice cream over meringue wih fresh mangoes and chocolate syrup.

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