What To Do for Fun, What to Bring to Lagos

There were many things that I learned about living in Lagos in just the last two months. This is only because some friends of ours will soon be joining us to teach here in August. They naturally had the usual questions expats would ask about their next “home.” Questions like “what do you do for fun,” “what do we need to bring,” and “how expensive is Lagos?”

We were interested in the same things before we got here, but quickly got into a routine where all these questions were in the context of living in Lagos with a toddler. Our friends are still single. So I asked my middle and high school students, and even did a quick poll with some elementary classrooms as well. It’s all for a good cause, and these questions were asked to fill up their brochure project, the school yearbook, and a yearend magazine.

Things To Do for Fun in Lagos

  • Watch a movie in Silverbird or Genesis
  • Go swimming
  • Go horseback riding
  • Go-karting at GET Arena
  • Go to the beach
  • Go bowling in Palms Mall
  • Go to dances and parties
  • Hang out with friends
  • Eat out with friends
  • Play paint ball

What to Bring to Lagos

This question elicited a longer list. My yearbook staff practically said “everything!” — from furniture and appliances to junk food. An expat mom also had a page-long list, even though school materials and toys are available here, “because it is cheaper (to buy in the US)” and they are sure they have exactly what they wanted. Because oftentimes, even when you find your favorite brand in Lagos, they will run out of stock and won’t be seen on the shelves again for months.”

  • Electronics (just make sure they’re 220 volts) – including laptops, cameras, MP3 players, Wii, PSP, DS
  • Medicine and pharmacy items (if you have children don’t forget a first aid kit and medicine for pink eye)
  • Stationery and art supplies, also craft materials (You can bring blank cards for all occasions or make your own)
  • Spare glasses and contact lens
  • Sports clothing and gear
  • Clothes, footwear, accessories
  • Hobby supplies and materials
  • Books! (or buy an e-Reader or Kindle like what some of our friends did)
  • Your favorite brand of cosmetics & toiletries
  • Games and toys
  • Pet toys (if you have pets)
  • Candies and small toys for party give-aways
  • School supplies (from backpacks to lunch bags and water bottles, to flash drives, organizing folders and binders

2 thoughts on “What To Do for Fun, What to Bring to Lagos

  1. Hey,

    Brilliant writing.. I love the way you articulate your feelings.

    I have been offered a job in VI,Lagos. Iam married and we have a baby which is 6 months old. I want to bring my family with me to Lagos. But my wife is worried about the medical facilities for toddlers.

    1. Is is possible to continue the vacination for my kid there in VI?. Are there are reliable doctors who we can trust?

    2.Iam told that with 100000 Naira per month, we can leave a comfortable life (excluding rent) with help to cook & clean the house. Please tell if this is on target.

    Your reply will really help make a decision one way or other.
    Please help. You can contact me at pr12jj@gmail.com

    • Thank you for your kind comment.

      In response to your concern, vaccination is not a problem for our friends who delivered babies and raised their children here.

      My husband and I believe 100,000 naira is doable but not comfortable. A lot depends on the competence of the household staff you will hire, and how much you are willing to pay them. It is difficult to find someone who will work as nanny, and cook and clean at the same time. Salaries range from 15,000 – 30,000/month.

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