A Visit to the Earth & Fire Clayworks Pottery

Last November I bought some glazed dishes at a school fair; but didn’t get the business card of the vendor. After asking a few people around and one fruitless trip with wrong directions, I finally found the number and address of Earth & Fire Clayworks. It’s actually on the street behind Tantalizers, and not on Admiralty in Lekki Phase One here in Lagos. The owner, Charles Hervie is from Ghana, and so is his assistant who has 10 years experience in pottery. They used to be based in Ibadan. Many of their customers are expats who sometimes ask for custom-made jars and vases. My husband received a mug with his name on it from a parent last Christmas, and she was the one who gave us their contact info.

Mr. Hervie graciously gave me a tour and demo plus a good discount. Below is the video of that visit. Needless to say I added a couple more bowls to what would be a growing collection of his products.

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