Happy 50th Birthday Nigeria

Oh what fun we had celebrating Nigerian Culture Day yesterday in school. As my husband noted, it was like being in a prom or wedding because everyone — students, teachers, parents, nannies and drivers — wore elaborate and colorful Nigerian outfits. I would put it in the same category as the  fiestas and festivals we celebrate in my country, but in the more confined space of our campus. And this is what makes it a lot more fun! We had cultural performances, exhibits, activities ranging from henna painting, beading, and storytelling. The PTO really put a lot of energy in bringing Nigerian culture to the school — with dancers performing during the exhibits and lots of free food from every region of the country. Apart from the market, my favorite was the cultural performance during the opening ceremonies. I don’t need to brave the traffic or bad roads to experience Nigerian culture, for at least once a year it is brought to my doorstep.


One thought on “Happy 50th Birthday Nigeria

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