Canned Mushrooms

Today I learned how to get rid of metallic taste from canned mushrooms that my husband can’t stand. I love mushrooms, but fresh mushrooms are too expensive and not always available in Lagos. So I am willing to settle for canned mushrooms, although we don’t always get the same brand because even the stores often run out of merchandise.

I simply put a few drops of balsamic vinegar and let it stand. Then added the mushrooms to sauteed onions (with a dash of sugar) — and my husband thought we got a good brand of canned mushrooms (naaah, not really). By the way, thinly sliced onions browned in olive oil  (this takes about 30 minutes in high medium heat), even without mushrooms, is great for breakfast.


Glad to hear the bread shortage due to a strike by breadmakers (bakers?) is finally over. My husband tried to make a couple of loaves from scratch yesterday, but the yeast is probably expired because the bread did not rise. It was still good though, specially fresh and warm from the oven.

Our favorite bread is the brown baguette from Ocean View, which is the bakery/cake shop of the 5-star Eko Hotel. I love the texture especially with the roasted sunflower seeds. It’s not terribly expensive — under $2 and worth it as one friend told me it’s the first real bread she ever tasted in Lagos (the others seem more like eating carton) — but it’s something I prefer to have on weekends or special occasions rather than everyday. All our basil plants died during winter break, the aphids were making their re-appearance at that time. But we still have seeds and brought Miracle Gro this time. Once they’re ready for harvest it will be fun to make pesto and caprese again to go with the baguettes.


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