Spring Break in Busua, Ghana

No one told me I could have lobsters every day in Ghana!

On our first day in Golden Beach Resort in Busua I was approached three times by locals offering me fresh, live lobster.

“I wouldn’t know what to do with it,” I shook my head, even when our German host suggested we could give it to the resort cooks and have them grill it for us.

But it was unnecessary, as the resort and all other resorts in that area, offered lobster in their regular menus. I had lobster thermidor for lunch at the resort one day, then lobsters cooked in olive oil and spices at the French resort for dinner the next night. When we returned to the French resort the following night I had lobsters again, this time cooked in ginger sauce.We wished we knew about the French resort right from the start, because although Golden Beach resort had wonderful facilities, their cooking was mediocre.

This does not mean we won’t stay at Golden Beach or recommend it to everyone. I have not stayed in many resorts or hotels where the rooms are very spacious. Space, it seems, is something that Ghana has a lot of and appreciate. The cottages were comfortably far apart with coconut trees lining up the paths. At night the paths are well lit by special lamps that don’t attract bugs. My friend told me that the fact that the lights are yellow or amber-colored has a lot to do with this, and she’s looking for similar bulbs to use as outdoor lights for her home in Accra. Yes, because this is Africa, there were still mosquitoes and my friend was constantly applying citronella scented repellent on her family to remind us of this. I didn’t and count ourselves lucky none of us got bitten — except me, when we returned to Accra. Similarly, I also had to be gently reprimanded and reminded about the notorious African tumbu fly. This insect likes to lay its eggs on wet, damp clothes — and when you make the terrible mistake of putting these clothes on without ironing (the heat kills the larva) the eggs will hatch and the larva will penetrate the skin, oh gross! I realized why no one else in the resort hung their towels and wet bathing suit outside to dry.

That shouldn’t discourage anyone from having a great time as we did. Our three-year old sons did nothing except swim in the toddler pool every morning. The resort has three pools, which were all cleaned every morning. In fact the staff keep everything neat and tidy, that even the beach was free of dead seaweeds and other trash that we normally see on beaches. There are more affordable resorts and cheaper lodgings in the area, but many of their guests pay for a day pass to use the swimming pools or dine in Golden Beach. As the beach is public property, others also drive from neighboring towns like Takoradi to simply hang out and have a picnic on the beach especially on Sunday. There were a few tables and chairs on the public side, which I think were for rent. And the local guests never bothered me, I think they add to the colorful holiday atmosphere. Besides, resort and beaches are so spacious it never really gets that crowded and they often leave at sunset and the resort is quiet again.

My friend and I also got to drive back to Takoradi city to do some shopping at the local markets. On our way back we stopped to buy ripe mangoes, grilled corn, and oranges that vendors sold along the highway.

A visit to another country won’t be complete unless you try some local food, so I had some deep fried plantains and boiled plantains. I also tried and like the waakye, which is brown rice cooked with beans. We didn’t get to try another famous Ghanian delicacy, the kenkey, made from fermented corn and bought in Cape Coast, although we brought some with us a presents back to Lagos. There just wasn’t enough to go around.

We would love to visit again, and I hope the second time we do we will get a chance to visit the Cape Coast and tour some castles.


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