Books About Nigeria

If you and your family are moving to Nigeria these books give a nice overview and introduction about the country, its people (300 tribes), and rich culture. It was written for young readers, so the language is simple and there are some generalizations in the text; but that also makes it interesting for your children to read.

There are tons of web pages and sites about Nigeria, and it’s hard to sift through these. When we signed the contract to teach in Lagos we received a copy of Lagos: Easy Access, a guide and directory put together by the American Women’s Club, which is currently preparing an updated edition. I highly recommend this book for expats as it contains many practical information as well as maps.

An excellent guide on finding a place to hiring staff, dealing with immigration hassles, who to contact to get utilities, and a great directory with contact information and recommendations for everything from doctors to accountants to swimming pools, on shopping, arts, music ….

Too bad though you could not order it from online sites like Amazon, because some of the information helped us decide what to pack and how to prepare for our big move.

So I recommend the above-mentioned books, which I only discovered yesterday in our school library and found available in limited form on Google Books. Although they’re dated and limited, the text, photos, and illustration make a good introduction about Nigeria and its culture. I still found many interesting things in these pages, details that we overlooked during our first year because of the info overload.


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