Ghanian Glass Beads Made in Lagos

The best news today is I found a supplier for glass beads actually made in Lagos. Most if not all the glass beads and powdered glass beads sold in Lagos are actually made in Ghana. But a lot of these beads are chipped and cracked due to poor packaging, shipping (trucking), and handling. The Italian designer Igizia Polloni, for example, said she orders her materials elsewhere, because of the poor condition of beads sold here.

When I visited the Earth & Fire Clayworks factory site this morning to buy a few more glazed bowls, its Ghanian owner Charles Hervie noticed the bracelets I bought from his village of Odomase-Krobo. He proudly led me to his new glass bead furnace and showed the molds. He also introduced me to his new employee, who worked for Nomoda Ebenizer Djaba aka Cedi, the bead exporter we visited in Ghana.

He has some original designs and the quality looks better. He did add that it’s a slow and painstaking process all the way to hand-painting every single bead.

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