Nigerian Culture Day 2011 – Handicraft Market

I love it when performers, artists, and vendors come to our school for the Nigerian Culture Day celebration. We were treated to exhibits, dances, food, and the mini-market, where students and parents had fun bargaining the Nigerian way. It is hard to find a better bargain elsewhere when there is a price cap for items sold (1,000 naira = about $7). These vendors usually refuse to bring their price down if you go to their stall in Lekki market, so I learned to wait for Nigerian Culture Day to do my Christmas shopping. My problem is I usually end up buying more things for myself, because most of my Filipino family and friends are not interested in baskets, word carvings, batiks, hand-woven fabrics, beads, and other handicrafts that are abundant in the Philippines.


One thought on “Nigerian Culture Day 2011 – Handicraft Market

  1. We are moving to Lagos in a few months and I am wondering if you could share information about living there with young children. I found your post about teenagers. Our daughters are 2 and 3 yrs. We’d love any information and opinions on life in Lagos. For example, what is there to do? How are the schools and where are they? Are we crazy for moving there with a young family? Medical services? Getting involved in Nigerian culture? We’ve been living in Kuwait for the last 5 years, a pretty closed society, and my greatest outlet for information has been an Expat Mums forum, anything exist for Lagos? I haven’t been able to find anything on the web yet.
    Hope you are able to help us out. All best,

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