Strike is Over; Business as Usual?

All staff reported for work today to prepare for the resumption of classes tomorrow. While we were congratulating and patting ourselves in the back that we were available post lessons and assignments online, I was dying to talk to my Nigerian friends about their thoughts and experiences about the strike. That will probably have to wait, lesson plans have to be finalized, worksheets to be photocopied, the thick layer of harmattan sand on everything had to be dusted off. But I have been reading some of the tweets under #occupynigeria and was not surprised that my friends share similar sentiments, that they’re glad it did not escalate into further violence but are hopeful that this is only the beginning.They are shaking there heads that prices of items, such as transportation is still up. When my former nanny traveled to her village during Christmas the bus fare was N5,000, and she still had to take a second ride. Now that fare has gone up to N9,000+.



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