African Beadwork

Nigeria is a great place to create or collect beadwork. There is a great variety of materials that are organic and exotic, or what my friends and I like to call “ethnic:” wood, bone, horn, shell and corals, amber, glass, seeds, bronze, and ceramic or clay. I’ve always been interested in beads and costume jewelry growing up in the Philippines, but it was not until we moved to Lagos that I picked up the hobby of making my own necklaces. It’s mainly because the bead necklaces that are sold in Lagos are usually made of the same color and beads, and I prefer to mix and match. You would, too, when you see what’s out there.

Here are amazing beadwork by other artists who inspired me:

And here are some of mine, simple and small pieces that are great presents to friends during Christmas, birthdays, and other occasions:

Beadmaking in Nigeria


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