The Chinese Market in Lagos

I was delighted to hear there’s a Chinese market in Lagos, imagining shops and stalls selling Chinese grocery items like tofu, sausage, and dried mushrooms. My friends laughed at me, and when we reached the “red fort” I realized why. What the market sells are mostly clothes, toys, footwear, and kitchenware. I had a great time nonetheless, there were so many shops and stalls to check out. Most items were indeed made in China and cheap, but only when compared to other shops in Lagos. Bargaining, of course, is always essential.

P.S. There’s a shop in Lekki market that does sell Chinese grocery items including the items mentioned above, plus bean sprouts, noodles, and peanut oil, among many other things.


4 thoughts on “The Chinese Market in Lagos

    • We left Nigeria in 2013, I don’t know if the shop is still there — and back then the shops at Lekki market didn’t have signs.

  1. We lef Ngeria in 2013, so I don’t know if the shop in Lekki is still there. I also don’t know the name, as most shops in Lekki market don’t have signs. This shop was near the entrance gate/parking lot with the shops selling plastic ware, DVDs, and paintings.

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