Kuramo Beach: Past, Present, Future


When we first came to Lagos in 2009 one of the places we checked out was Ocean View adjacent to Eko Hotel, and which features a playground and coffee shop/bakery. This was our view from the playground then. Kuramo Beach was referred to as “the most expensive ghetto where the rich mingle with the poor.” Here you will find bars, restaurants, and cabins — places where many illegal activities take place.

2013-01-20 17.18.40

This is the view now, taken from Ocean View from a similar angle. An ocean surge hit the beach dragging shanties and 16 people into the Atlantic Ocean in August 2012. As a result, the government sent bulldozers to demolish all the shanties, and installed huge boulders by the waterfront of Bar Beach nearby — all as precautions against future surges.

Some people say it was nature that wiped out Kuramo Beach, others say it was the Lagos state government, and some blame it on development. Residents who have lived in the area for over 20 years know it’s a combination of all three. The ongoing construction affected ocean currents, they say, and others point their accusing fingers at the contractors doing the sand-filling to reclaim the area for the multi-billion dollar Eko Atlantic City which will transform the coastline of Victoria Island from this:

into this in the future …


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