Stuck in a Go-Slow? Don’t Blink.

The yearbook class did a survey once, asking students in 5th grade and up, about the most interesting, unusual, weird, and funny things they’ve seen while they were stuck in Lagos traffic. Many had to do with the okada (commercial motorcycles) which the Lagos state government banned in November.

Here are some of the answers:

  • A cow on a bike
  • A man carrying four tires on an okada: one around his neck, two around his arms, and one on the driver’s head
  • A man in the car next to mine with a lamp shade on his head
  • This guy selling an alligator
  • People selling guitars with Barbies on them for Guitar Hero
  • A guy on an okada holding a goat and an office chair

You could get stuck for a few minutes or as much as three hours, so the trick is to have a sense of humor, and perhaps a sense of wonder at the fascinating sights around you, that commuting around Lagos is far from boring.


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