Mahi Mahi or Dorado?

My husband, subconsciously aware that he will be late coming home and that I would be mad, bought a 12 kg. fish from a local in Tarkwa Bay. His friend called it dorado, but when I looked it up the entry for mahi mahi on Wikipedia came up first. And there were also results when I combined mahi mahi and Lagos, but not for dorado and Lagos.

There’s nothing like fresh fish. I should know, I grew up in the Philippines. We grilled it and invited some friends over. My husband and our neighbor, who don’t eat fish, tried it and liked it. There were still plenty left the next week, so we invited another group of friends, and I tried a tomatoes and olive tapennade. The toppings were good, but I needn’t have bothered — it still tasted great roasted with simply salt and pepper. Save the fancy tapennade for frozen fish. My husband loves the fact that fresh mahi mahi doesn’t have that “fishy” taste and smell. This weekend I tried a different recipe for the sauce, ginger and garlic honey glaze. I also added snapper and grouper steaks bought from The Fish Shop. My husband was not fooled. After a few bites he pushed the fish away, complaining about that fishy taste. He also started pouting when he saw that I was saving the last slices of mahi mahi for my “Leftovers for Monday” gang.


Anyway, I still have not completely forgiven him. The fish was so huge he had it cut without taking any pictures! “I knew I would get in trouble for that,” he told his friend. So we’ll just settle for this from the Web. Curiously enough, the photo’s file name is “dorado.”




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