Lagoon Restaurant

This is my husband’s favorite watering hole whenever he wants to go out and chill with his buddy. They have plenty of good reasons for liking the place: it is a patio restaurant right by the lagoon, as it is aptly named, so they get a pleasant view of the water while enjoying good food, shisha, and beer or other beverages al fresco. They offer two reasonably priced* menus: Indian (including vegetarian) and Chinese cuisine, and my husband loves Indian/Pakistani food. The service is good. For those more inclined for formal, fine dining, romantic type and air-conditioned ambiance, Fusion bar and restaurant is adjacent to it. They share the same area actually. The menu is  continental, but it also has a Filipino-staffed sushi bar that my friends highly recommend. Meat lovers can check out the all-you-can-eat barbecue of the Brazilian restaurant on the other side. I want to visit these two restaurants some day, but I do love the open air atmosphere of the Lagoon.

* Lagos, Nigeria is one of the most expensive cities we’ve been in. A meal with drinks at a regular restaurant like this costs about $40-50. Ordering dessert and alcoholic beverages like cocktails will set you back to $80. This is why we rarely eat out and prefer to cook/entertain at home. Beer, surprisingly, is one of the items that are cheaper in Nigeria compared to other countries.


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