Grand Square in Victoria Island

Life in Lagos continues to improve with the opening of a grocery store across the 1004 Estates exit gate. We used to have to go to two or three different groceries around VI or Lekki because a particular brand or product is only available in one place. During our first year we did our shopping in Shoprite; but the place is always busy with long lines on weekends unless you go there before 11 am. Then I started patronizing Park N’ Shop, because their fresh vegetables are usually in better condition. But getting in their parking lot is even worse because of traffic. Lately I started going to Goodies — mainly because it does not have a toy section — accompanied by my son, who enjoys shopping with me if he gets to pick some snacks and push the cart. And then there’s our friendly neighborhood store, Multiker in Dream Plaza. We have been going there almost every week since our first year. It’s conveniently close, but they don’t sell alcohol and occasionally run out of items because it is not as big as the other stores. But they are also always bringing something new, and I like going there not knowing what new item will appear on their aisles. Last week it was smoked bangus (milkfish) from the Philippines! Just this week my husband was pleased to get ground beef which they sliced from a huge slab of meat in front of him, and we had awesome burgers that night.

Teachers who live in our compound and 1004 happily noted that Grand Square carry all the top brands, some household items, beer and other spirits including champagne, plus a bake shop. Prices are also cheaper than the others: I tried a large cheese croissant (N250) and it was good. Our neighbor is now seriously considering selling his car. “We only go out to do our groceries,” he said, “now we can just walk to the corner.”

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