Road Trip

I recently visited Osogbo with a dozen teachers and kids. These pics were taken during the ride back to Lagos. Interestingly enough, even though we left at 6 am on Saturday morning it still took us 6 hours to reach our destination, but only fours on Sunday to get back to Victoria Island. The highways are in fairly decent condition, but the traffic in Lagos was crazy — lots of crazy drivers even before sunrise, as if everybody was in a mad rush to get out of Lagos.

So the trip back was therefore more enjoyable, less stressful. Because it was Sunday it was also market day and a lot of people were dressed nice for church. The highlight would have to be when we stopped to take pictures of the meat for sale by the highway vendors: live snails, monitor lizard, antelope, guinea fowl, and bush rat or grass cutters! One of our colleagues took a bite of the grass cutter and was soon throwing up. We found out too late that they only smoke them to preserve the meat, but Nigerians actually clean them thoroughly with lime then boil them well before they are edible.

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