Packaged Tour to Osogbo

Artist and fabric designer Nike Davies Okundaye has been proudly promoting Nigerian culture by offering tours and visits to her art galleries in different parts of the country where she has guest houses. We took advantage of this offer and a long weekend to visit Osogbo. The package includes an aircon van that can accommodate 12 passengers, accommodation at her spacious guest house, meals, a tour of the local attractions, and a fun session in batik design. The young children ages 5 and under didn’t have to pay. Perhaps because Nike herself traveled to Osogbo to welcome us, we had an awesome cultural experience and were treated like royalty. The package was for an overnight stay, and they packed that one night with a feast. They served us standard Nigerian fare like fufu and jollof rice, as well as some exotic dishes like catfish and monitor lizard. Over beer and wine Nike and her assistants regaled us with stories about her life, jokes about gender equality and polygamy, which is the traditional practice in Nigeria and is legal in many states. This was capped by hours of singing and dancing with musicians and artists. We even got to meet the oba or king of Osogbo and his court. While that is not guaranteed as part of the package, we highly recommend that you try Nike’s Tours for a wonderful time to appreciate Nigerian culture.To Nike and her staff, our heartfelt thanks for the warm hospitality.


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