Herbs in Lagos

Yes, you can buy herbs like basil, cilantro, parsley, and dill in Lagos supermarkets. They are not as expensive as one would think, about $2-4 per packet. I was able to buy all these fresh vegetables (spring onions, lettuce, spinach) plus celery, cilantro, and basil from this vendor in Tarqua Bay for under $5, and ended up giving away a third to two other colleagues.

. IMG_0740

But it is way better to grow your own. I brought seeds two years ago and successfully grew basil and cilantro. It was fun making pesto, and using fresh herbs on Thai and Italian dishes. But I didn’t have such luck with celery and parsley, I don’t know why. Then some aphids ruined them, and I got by buying these from supermarkets. It wasn’t the same though, the basil that is available is Asian – not Italian. So I planted some again when the rainy season started a couple of weeks ago. Finally made the “first harvest” the other day of Italian large leaf basil, which, combined with the mozarella cheese that my friend brought from a recent trip to Italy made for an awesome caprese!


Today I finally found rice paper in Grand Square. Can’t wait to make some Vietnamese style spring rolls with the cilantro!


4 thoughts on “Herbs in Lagos

  1. My husband and I are relocating to Lagos this summer. I love reading your blog and I was wondering what type of soil did you use for your herbs? Also should I bring over pots or Miracle Grow? Any information would be helpful. Thanks for sharing your time in Lagos!!

    • Definitely Miracle-Gro! I’m not sure about the type of soil here, but Lagos has tropical weather and on the coast so the soil is sometimes sandy. We have someone who gets fertilizer for us. You can buy a lot of pots here, plastic or ceramic ones.

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