Life as Domestic Diva

2013-09-12 18.23.10

Parent Volunteer

So I’m turning a new chapter in my life as non-working, stay-at-home mom. It’s a lame title, because we actually wear many hats. Yesterday, for example, I started my stint as a parent volunteer. Here I found another difference between teaching at a US public school and in international schools, which are really private schools. My son’s kindergarten teacher needed me to have some worksheets bound. Another parent volunteer, I suppose, already did the photocopying and collating. In IS schools all we had to do was fill out a work order for these tasks, or ask a teaching assistant to handle it. Here they are lucky to have assistants, for not everyone gets one. But I have never used a binding machine before, and it took three nice ladies in the admin office to help me figure it out. As one assistant encouraged me, “this one is the hardest, once you figure it out, the rest is easy.” So I finished that job in an hour, with a neat stack of 40+ math homework. Then on to the next task, preparing names for the students’ memory folders. Another parent already put together the colorful pages. I was to cut out letters from equally colorful construction paper. I think I have used the letter machine once before in Islamabad. It was fun picking out different colors, but it also slowed down and there were still five names to go when the bell rang. Oh well, that’s now the job of the next parent volunteer.

Banana Bread

Now I’m baking banana bread, a useful thing to know when we always have overripe bananas around the house. Our Nigerian nannies learned to make it themselves, so I had to get reacquainted with the recipe. It’s a good recipe, the only baking recipe I know for now. Even our technicians have asked for it and I started bringing them some for snacks.I also added mixed nuts; some people liked them, others preferred them plain. The recipe:

Here’s my useful tip for the day: toilet paper card boards are useful for keeping the cords from tangling.

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