Our Wonderwall

2013-10-07 10.28.22

Memories for a Third Culture Kid

I’m putting together a Wonderwall as a constant reminder to my child about his colorful background.

Until we moved to Washington seeking special needs services our son was a Third Culture Kid. His father is American, his mother a Filipina. He was born in Pakistan and grew up in Nigeria. He has traveled to nine countries by the time he was five. He played with other kids like him, living within an international school attended by students from over 50 countries. His classmates and playmates were Americans, Filipinos, Nigerian, Indian, Pakistani, Lebanese, Italian, Tanzanian, Canadian, South African … This is part of who he is, and due to his young age I don’t want him to forget them, and the international village that helped raise him – his nannies, therapists, teachers, coach, neighbors, our own students, who looked after him. Just as I want him to be accepted for what he is, I want him to do the same for people of different race, religion, and nationality.

Making Kofta

Until I learned its name I often asked for the football shaped meatball whenever we go to Lebanese restaurants. Finally learned the name and got my Lebanese colleague to explain the ingredients to me. So when we bought a second-hand grill thru Craiglist I suddenly had a craving for kofta. Imagine my shock when my husband found minced lamb at Freddy Meyer’s. So we tried this recipe: http://allrecipes.com/recipe/kofta-kebabs/ using the spices my friends brought from their trip to Turkey. Imagine my consternation when the finished product reeked of lemon, which was not in the ingredients, and I only noticed in the label that the meat was pre-marinated! I guess will have to look for unmarinated minced lamb next time before rendering judgment on the recipe.

Cooking tip for the day: cookie dough scoops are a perfect size to make 20 koftas.

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