Oven Toaster

Cheese bread

Cheese bread

I lived with oven toasters for so long in the Philippines, I was a bit surprised that they are not as popular as toasters, microwave ovens, or coffeemakers in the US. My husband kept saying we didn’t need it when we lived in Pakistan and Nigeria. “Just use the oven or microwave,” he said. But that’s not practical when you’re just warming a croissant or leftover pizza, and ugh, how I hated the texture of microwaved bread and pizza. There are oven toasters in Lagos, but they are too big. I finally decided to buy one in Cebu, for only $14, and put it in our suitcase. DH quickly appreciated how useful it is. For one thing chicken nuggets can now be baked in 5 minutes instead of deep frying. We use it everyday to make cheese toast, our son’s favorite. So when we moved to Washington there was no argument anymore about buying a new one.

Our cheese bread is a variation of grilled cheese sandwich. It is constantly evolving since we switched from the frying pan in Pakistan to oven toasters in Nigeria, and based on what ingredients are available. If you want to try it use your favorite sliced bread, then spread butter or margarine (I also put mayo). Instead of sprinkling, put a handful of shredded cheese in the middle, then use your fingers to spread them around; it’s less messy this way. Sometimes we add garlic or garlic powder.

Cooking tip for the day: wrap the tray with foil, which is good for several uses. Cleaning the sauce and grease off the corners is a real pain. Use foil on the floor as well.


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