Advocating for My Child

Months ago I stumbled on Karla Fisher’s Autism Advocacy page on Facebook, and re-created one of her many useful slides/handouts. She liked it enough to post it on her page as well. But I quickly realized that the divorce rate of 80 percent among parents was an old myth. WebMD published in 2010 that 64 percent of children with autism actually remain with both biological or adoptive parents, close enough to the 65 percent non-autistic children.

So I’m reposting those slides here with those corrections.



P.S. I don’t know why, but after years of reading everything I could find about autism and even taking an online class is making me anxious as my son’s IEP due date s approaching. Karla is making me think twice about many of what is written about autism, and my gut instincts often agree with her, because she is also on the spectrum. She is advocating for acceptance, for working with autism rather than fighting (i.e. finding a “cure”).

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