Fruit Salad

It’s nice to know that when mixed with other fruits cut apples don’t brown and remain okay for a week in the fridge.

Having mixed fruits for breakfast is a tradition that our cook in Pakistan spoiled us with, and this continued when we moved to Nigeria. Back then it was nice to have fruits in season like mangoes, avocados, watermelon, and strawberries combined with papaya, pineapple, bananas. Of course it’s one thing to have someone else do this every morning, but definitely not what I want to do myself. Still nothing says “I care” than making sure husband and son get their daily bowl of fruit salad.

So I prepare a batch good for a week every Sunday. We buy melons — watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe — the size of a our son’s head, if not smaller. Half of each is enough to fill two 7-cup Rubbermaid containers to last a week. Sometimes I add grapes, cut in half. Strawberries should only be added before eating, they turned soggy after being kept in the container. I suppose the same is true for bananas and avocados. I also start with the firmer fruits, like honeydew, which don’t get mushy at the bottom and when they are mixed.


3 thoughts on “Fruit Salad

  1. You are so organised! I have started making fruit salad again recently, pressured by my two teens as they are both going to the gym and into healthy foods (aren’t I lucky?) but I obviously don’t make enough – they bowl is empty before me and my husband can get a look in – usually there’s just a soggy strawberry and juice left in the bowl!

    • sounds great that they are eating more fruits, the challenge for me is not buying too much then having to throw some when they go bad. I also followed MIL’s lead by having grapes on the table at all times — hubby and I can munch on those instead of grabbing a bag of chips.

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