Fondue Party

A fondue party is actually easy to set up, and you don’t even need a fondue set. A pot or two of cooking oil and bamboo barbecue sticks (which are reusable) will do just fine. Cut some chicken and beef in bite size chunks. In this photo I used beef strips, which is hard to find here (Costco and Fred Meyer seem to carry only steaks). I think I marinated the chicken in olive oil, salt, and pepper. Add a vegetable dish, mine was roasted veggies and baked potato cubes, but I will probably use fresh salad next time to save time. Prepare some sauces to go with these. I had barbecue steak sauce, sweet and sour chili sauce, lemon ginger sauce.


Invite 2-4 people over and have a “cook-it-yourself” party in your kitchen. At least that’s where we ended up because I did not know how to regulate the flame in the alcohol burner of my fondue pot. At least over an electric stove top I can keep the temperature even so it only took 1-2 minutes to cook the meat. Shrimps cook the fastest, while for beef it varies depending on whether people want them tender or well done. We were able to put as many as 6-8 sticks at the same time.


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