Vietnamese Fresh Spring Rolls


I love fresh spring rolls and I would rather have these made for me at a restaurant, because I’m so clumsy with the wrapping. But my friends and I had a great time when I prepared its ingredients for a DIY appetizer before dinner in Lagos. Just prepare the cooked shrimps, glass noodles, carrots, cucumber, lettuce, cilantro, basil, and wrapper. The first time we did this I followed the recipe strictly. But the wrapper I found here in Spokane are bigger, 8-inches, so I just fold these in half first in lukewarm or room temperature water. If it was any warmer the wrapper gets soft too fast and difficult to lay flat on a plate. The 6-inch wrapper is better. I also found out that bottled sweet chili sauce and Knorr or Maggi seasoning, or even plain soy sauce will do just fine and save me the effort. We just put the sauces over the shrimps before wrapping the roll. Thawed frozen shrimp can be boiled in a minute, but simply omit it for a vegetarian version. Anything more than two can be a meal in itself, and no longer just appetizer.


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