Cutting Boards

This made my day: a present from a friend who knows how much I love to cook.

2013-11-12 13.08.20

This brings the total of my cutting boards to seven. I am partial to wooden cutting boards, especially after reading this article by Cooking for Engineers. I did notice how quickly the knives go dull and need sharpening when used on glass cutting boards. Plastic is okay for bread, but the article said the grooves left by knives trap bacteria. Wood, on the other hand, “absorb bacteria.” I have a set of three bamboo cutting boards of different sizes. The medium one is for garlic and onions, and the large one for fruits, because my husband does not like the taste of garlic or onions in fruits. We also have a carving board, which came in handy when we have roasted chicken this past weekend. Our largest board is an 18 x 22 inch Paula Deen pie board, which came with the kitchen package bought thru Craiglist. My husband finds it perfect slicing for store-bought frozen pizza. It’s too big to be stored, so it’s always on our counter. We’re also always preparing and slicing grilled cheese sandwiches on it.

2013-09-25 10.55.38

2 thoughts on “Cutting Boards

    • In Lagos I make sure the cutting boards are dried on dish racks. The maids were just leaning them against the wall, not realizing that continued contact with the wet sink caused molds. Wait for the bazaars, many will occur between now until Christmas πŸ™‚ sponsored by AWC, AISL, British, Lebanese, and other expat clubs. They are sold by metal artists, and I love mine as much as I love those colorful Nigerian lizards (male, with their bright orange and white patterns).

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