What’s Wrong with Autism Speaks

If you know someone who has an autistic child or is autistic please watch this.

What’s wrong with Autism Speaks? They produce videos like this, showing mothers discussing their frustration, of giving up their careers, of feeling judged for their parenting skills, the financial burden of raising an autistic child, of killing their child or committing suicide in the presence of their kid.

What this video shows is true, but only half the truth; it only shows pain and not the great love they have for their child. The video was shot and edited to focus on the negative aspects, and not mention those moments of profound joy, of cherishing the little things, of never taking simple pleasures for granted ever again, celebrating milestones like hearing their first complete unscripted sentence as if you hit the jackpot. Or how having an autistic child taught us so much patience, strength, determination, grace, and resilience we didn’t know we were capable of.


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