Crepes Party

2009 jan 101

Thank goodness I found the original recipe in Google Docs, because it was not saved in Livebinders. This recipe is very simple, and we had a lot of fun with the filling — so I forgot that I saved it in Word format so I could combine two separate recipes: the one for crepes, and the one for the filling.

My husband and I team up whenever we make this. When we want to invite a family with kids over for Sunday brunch I would organize a “crepes party.” We prepare the crepes ahead of time (my department), and my husband did the cottage cheese – cream cheese filling. In Nigeria we used frozen berries and canned peaches, but I’m sure the fresh variety or other fruits would be just fine. Then to the spread I add different kinds of syrup: chocolate, caramel, strawberry, as well as whipped cream, Nutella, different nuts, and sprinkles. Ice cream is also great. We also provided bacon, ham, grated cheese, and buttered mushrooms for those who wanted breakfast before dessert. I use a different recipe for the crepes batter because it goes well with any filling, sweet or otherwise. Young and old alike had fun putting their crepes together. One girl went for the basic crepes and Nutella combo.


The best ingredient that I miss though are the chocolate shavings from Holland given by my friend’s parents. The good news is World Market sells the same brand. Look it up if you don’t want to make your own chocolate shavings.



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