Thank You Melissa & Doug

2013-11-20 22.02.02

So happy to find this magnetic board at Fred Meyer today! It is so timely because my 6-year old is exhibiting defiant behavior at home and in school this week. Since we had success in the past of motivating him with rewards like stickers, ribbons, and mini trophies I thought this “behavior scoreboard” will do the same. I also bought smiley stickers for his teacher, and if he gets one from her at the end of the day he can ask for treats like milk shake or ice pops. Once he collects five he can ask for an iPad app or a toy within our budget. He happens to be obsessed with Skylanders right now and has been bugging us for a month to buy him one. That is why I attached a picture of a particular Skylanders toy that he grabbed at the store. We made him put it back by the way because his teacher said he kicked her assistant today. We told our son he has to earn 5 smileys to earn it. I’ve been wanting to use a visual calendar/planner for my son since he was in pre-school, but there’s a reason I teach middle school and high school — I suck at paper-glue-scissors kind of work.That is why this board is so perfect for our needs, and I don’t have to make my own after all. There are magnets for “no whining,” and household chores he will hopefully be able to do when he’s older, like make his bed.

We have always admired Melissa & Doug wooden toys and educational products since we found them in different children’s museums and other parents’ homes while visiting the States. But they were too bulky or heavy for our luggage to bring back to Pakistan and Nigeria. And it was only during our last year in Lagos when I found a children’s bookstore in Victoria Island that sold Melissa & Doug products at such reasonable prices and in great condition.

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