Mung Bean Soup

Sauteed mung bean soup is a meal in itself, even in the Philippines. And they’re easy to make.


I couldn’t make up my mind about what to prepare for dinner until I ran out of time to defrost anything. So I decided on mung bean soup, and 30 minutes later dinner was ready — and it was the perfect comfort food for the 20C weather we were having.

This can be a vegetarian meal, but the best thing about this dish is it’s like a porridge that goes well with different flavors. The original recipe mentioned Chinese sausage, but in the Philippines it would be combined with pork, pork rind, fish, shrimps or with vegetables like bittermelon or chili leaves or spinach or green beans, really almost anything. We lived in Pakistan the first time I tried this, so I used turkey bacon instead — and it was good. When I finally got the chance to try it with Chinese sausage in Nigeria it was too sweet for us. We also tried it with sausage. I would really love to try it with Chinese red barbecue pork.




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