Favorite Sources of FREE Children’s Sing-Along Songs and Audiobooks

My interest in children’s music and sing-along songs have been on and off. But luckily a couple of my favorite sites are still around, and one even had a nice makeover.

My son loves to sing — his previous and current teachers said he’s constantly singing or talking to himself (reenacting scenes from his favorite shows) in class — but he hates it when other people sing! We’re not sure if his ears are too sensitive, or maybe other people’s voices interfere with his enjoyment. It is also likely that he’s making his own noises to soothe himself and block out other noises.

Since he has shown a new-found interest in books (we’ve gone from 1 book to 5 books at bedtime in just three months), I have also looked up audio books. When we traveled to spend Thanksgiving with family he showed no interest in his iPad, and was content to listen to the theme music of his favorite TV shows. But the songs are too short, while audio books are not only longer but will also help him learn new words. Robert Munsch’s is a dynamic narrator of his stories, and I used his “Paper Bag Princess” as example for the 6th graders in Multimedia class to emulate when they produce their e-books with their own voice not only narrating the story, but also providing sound effects.

I also downloaded Audiobooks for Android to my smartphone. It offers 2,800 classics for free.


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