Why I am not Shopping at Toys R Us This Christmas

Boycott Autism Speaks sponsors

Source: http://paulacdurbinwestbyautisticblog.blogspot.com/2013/12/boycott-autism-speaks-sponsors-and.html

Did my Christmas shopping thru Amazon today (Cyber Monday) instead of going to Toys R Us as originally planned. What’s wrong with Autism Speaks? I will list 3 of so many reasons here:
1) It does not have a single autistic member in its board of directors
2) Only 4 percent of its budget goes to family services
3) It is aligned with the controversial Judge Rotenberg Center which uses electric shock therapy against FDA rules and directives (currently investigated by the Justice Department)

Image is a red box that says:
“Every dollar spent is a vote for what you want to see more of in the world. Boycott Corporate Sponsors of Autism Speaks this holiday season and vote for love & acceptance of Autistic people.
Toys R Us* Build a Bear* Capital One* Panera Bread* Pump it up* Casey’s General Store* Queens Flowers* Coinstar* Scentsy* Continental Accessory* Shoprite Supermarkets* Dollar General* Springfree Trampoline* Dover International Speedway* Sprouts Farmer’s Market’s* FedEx* Stadium Nest Fragrances* Fox Sports* Stella and Dot* Gap* The Home Depot* Joe’s Crab Shack* TJ Maxx* Kid Natural Hero* Total Wine and More* Landscape Structures* Tsukihoshi* Mattress Warehouse* White Castle* Med Claims Liason* Zales* Modell’s Sporting Goods”

Also AMC and Comcast


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