Beef with Broccoli

Being half Chinese my father often preferred to take us to Chinese restaurants whenever we ate out. We always ordered soup, chicken, pork or beef, sometimes seafood or vegetable, noodle dishes, and of course, rice. The rule of thumb was one course per person but usually not more than six courses. When it came to beef, we always picked beef with broccoli in oyster sauce. With or without sesame seeds this is best enjoyed with rice.

This recipe is the closest to the ones I enjoyed back in the Philippines. Although I’ve used it for over four years I’m not satisfied with my latest work. The fault lies with me, as I still have to perfect stir-frying with wok or non-stick pans. I would have preferred really thinner slices of beef and crunchier broccoli.

The things that I don’t necessarily follow the recipe includes using much less oil than the 1 cup recommended. Using non-stick pans help that I can skip the part where I have to half-cook the beef ahead, then drain in paper towels, then cook it again. That was just too messy. I also blanched or steamed the broccoli florets, instead of simply boiling. Next time I’ll just add these after cooking, since they are already cooked yet still crunchy after steaming. Salt and sugar can be omitted or reduced without significantly affecting the flavor. There’s enough salt from the soy sauce and oyster sauce. Lately I have also been adding thin slices of the broccoli stalk, although most versions of this dish is cooked with only the florets. I have added a link to different ways of cooking broccoli stems. They have the same nutrition content as the florets.



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