Counting Calories

Yes, my pre-NY Resolution is to monitor the calories of what I’m eating. I am not trying to lose weight — I have been working out mainly to Zumba five-six days a week for four months and dropped two sizes even though I still weigh the same. So in a way I already achieved my initial goal. But the second phase is staying fit and getting rid of the flab in my midsection, and that is a complicated challenge. I need to pay more attention to fat burning foods, the kind that boost metabolism, while avoiding foods that increase belly fat. It won’t be easy, I have been unsuccessfully and erratically trying to lose weight for the last 10 years. I often quit and got discouraged too soon. So this is the farthest I’ve gone and I would hate to see my efforts going nowhere.

There is a silver lining to being unemployed and grounded in Spokane: I get to prepare my own food and don’t have parties to go to. When we taught overseas there were so many celebrations and parties starting Thanksgiving. It was worse when we traveled to the Philippines because lechon (pork roasted on a spit) was present in every party. During one visit my mother-in-law was shocked to find herself in five parties all with lechon during her first three days in my hometown. Because Filipinos love bond over food we always hooked up with friends and relatives in restaurants. “Can’t we meet your friends without eating?” my husband wondered once. Going elsewhere was just as bad, because we are on a holiday there was always the tendency to binge on food we couldn’t have or were more expensive in Lagos.

My online references:

Here is my latest project, which is my own version of what food with 200 calories or less look like. This gallery features food we have at home, so it will continue to be updated. I still have to analyze the recipes of my favorite dishes to get their caloric value.

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