Today was one of those days when I did not feel like getting up and almost did not do my workout. Chaperoning my son’s all-day field trip yesterday was just too draining. Actually, any deviation from our daily routines — a meeting or appointment — throws me off. But I knew that doing Zumba re-energizes me and clears my head. It’s even nicer to work out in this cold weather, if I could just stop shivering while putting on my workout outfit. It reminds me of that funny quote when women wore tights and leotards: “I hate aerobics: all that bending, jumping, and stretching … by the time I’m done putting my outfit on I’m too tired…” The key is to get up, put on exercise clothes, prepare drink (60 ounces of water mixed with fresh lemon and grapefruit juice), and if I have to pick up my son’s mess to clear the exercise area, well, that’s part of the warm up. That’s what I do, at least 5x but preferably 6x a week, after I get out of bed.

2013-10-30 09.09.42

It was this summer when I decided that after 10 years of trying to get back in shape I simply ran out of excuses. So I made that slide with my newly purchased shoes to announce my intentions on Facebook. No more excuses, just results!



2 thoughts on “Commitment

    • yes, it seems the more you don’t feel like working out the better you will feel doing it … unless you are really sick or in pain

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