CorningWare or Pyrex?


I feel guilty misinforming my SIL that she could use the lids of her Pyrex dishes for cooking. Well, yes you can put them in the oven — and I’ve done it several times … but not on stove tops. I based this information on a boarding house mate who fried foods on the lid of her amber glass cookware. But apparently I got confused with the CorningWare made in the 80’s that were made of “vitroceramic” material which can withstand direct heat and can be used on stove tops. They certainly don’t make them like they used to anymore.

It looked like this:


This is a really interesting article: “CorningWare 411” about the different generations or versions of CorningWare. So if you inherited those ceramic dishes from your mom or grandma you just might want to hold on to them. But I’m happy with my Pyrex … for now.

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