Spinach Omelette from Vegetarian Hens

People think omelets are easy, not me. I am lousy at making them … or pancakes, or basically anything flat that needs to be flipped or folder over. It’s all in the flick of a wrist, sure. I had teary episodes trying to make crepes, and when I finally nailed it I had that frying pan in our luggage — not shipped — when we left Thailand. I was also starting to get the hang of our Wolfgang Puck pans in Nigeria when we moved again. So I’m back to square one.

This was the best omelette I had, made at a laid-back surfers’ Kawili resort in Siargao Island (they also made awesome refrigerator cake using ripe golden mangoes and graham crackers) last summer. We liked it so much we asked for it everyday. Now I’m hungry and feeling nostalgic for my hometown and its suroounding islands while it’s snowing outside

I wanted to make something like it, but with spinach, using this recipe, which is all about pasture chicken eggs. Growing up in the Philippines where we raised chickens and pigs in the backyard, it felt weird to be reading this, but I happened to have bought “uncaged chicken eggs” recently so mine came from “vegetarian chickens.” Notice how the yolk looks more yellow orange; gosh I’ve gotten so used to the pale yellow yolk it was a pleasant surprise.

My first mistake was not reading the instructions carefully. Of course, I should have known better to cook the onions and spinach first anyway, but I was really hungry.

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