Christmas Eve Dinner & Christmas Day Brunch

My mother-in-law is evil! Okay, seriously, I love her to death. But imagine my consternation when we walked in her home and found all kitchen counters filled with brownies, cookies, crinkles, and other baked goodies that she made that day. “They’re not for you,” she sniffed, “it’s for church, but you’re welcome to have some.”

Well, she was so busy with all these that I volunteered to prepare dinner on Christmas eve. It was probably the only healthy food we had during our visit. I could not stop pigging out on junk food, chocolates, brownies, and white bread.

And MIL bonded once again when we took turns working out to our favorite exercise videos. Last summer we bonded when she let me borrow her weights and mat while she got to use my exercise videos. You gotta love her, she let me keep her 3-lbs. weights because she never used these, “they’re too light!”



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