No More Excuses, Just Results

It’s a good thing my goal was to drop size and not lose weight. About 5 months since I started working out I’m down from size 12 to 8 yet still weight the same!

Technically I got into the fitness program six months ago, but the first 1-2 months were more about establishing an aerobic baseline. I was so out of shape I needed to build stamina by joining my mother-in-law during her morning walks, she had to stop a few times to let me catch up! Then I got reacquainted with my old exercise videos: Jane Fonda, Kathy Smith, and Jennifer Galardi. At least I did not have to learn new moves, just had to keep up with the pace. Those videos were hard, especially the jumping jacks and floor exercises. I really only liked the dance portions.  It took a lot of will power to exercise daily, and it’s easy to see why I quit after a few months when I tried them after I gave birth – the daily workout became every other day, then 2x a week, the pfffft. So in October I switched to Zumba, and instantly got hooked. It was addicting, I was doing salsa and samba while preparing dinner and go to bed looking forward to working out in the morning. Then it was easy to workout 6 days a week.

In November I began counting calories out of curiosity. I was not strictly on a diet, and basically ate whatever I liked — but luckily I prefer to prepare my own food, which is the first rule to eating smart (once again, the silver lining to being grounded and unemployed: can’t afford to eat out). Using calorie counters enabled me to see the nutrition analysis of my favorite snacks and recipes, and taught me that my diet was nutritionally imbalanced. So I began incorporating fat burning and muscle building foods like eggs and nuts. I’m also supposed to eat every 3 hours, so I explored breakfast and snack items that are 200 calories. This way I can still enjoy old and new recipes for dinner with wine. My “food diary” is on Instagram with entries for #what200calorieslookslike.

I may need to add more strength moves for muscle toning, but otherwise I’m pleased with the routine I have and being able to enjoy good food.


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